Celebrity Light Painting Portraits


These are some of the Light Painting Portraits my team and I created for iHeart Radio events. I was hired by iHeart Radio in 2018 and 2019 to create Light Painting Portraits of Celebrities just prior to them performing! Some of the Artists that we Light Painted with were Halsey, The Jonas Brothers, Ryan Seacrest, Ruby Rose and Zedd. I am proud of the results, this was a very high-pressure event. We only had a few minutes with each of the stars before they went on stage. We had to get the Light Painting right in one single take! The Light Painters I worked with on this project were Efren Herrera, Melissa Meyer, Darren Pearson and Jason Rinehart. Check out the VLOGS below that documents everything that went into the making of these Celebrity Light Painting Portraits.

2018 Wango Tango Day 1

2018 Wango Tango Day 2

2019 Wango Tango Day 1

2019 Wango Tango Day 2

2019 Wango Tango Day 3