Illuminated Beings on Theta Drop

The Drop will happen MAY 6th, 2022 at 4:00pm EST
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My first Light Painting Drop is called “Illuminated Beings“. We ARE all Illuminated Beings and this series is inspired by the ability that we all have to bring Light into dark places, Illuminated Beings are messengers of LIGHT. All of the “Illuminated Beings” are created in real time and captured to the camera in one single photographic frame. There is no Photoshop or editing used to create anything that you see in any of my images! Like an NFT every Light Painting is unique and unrepeatable! 

All Light Painting Drop announcements will be made on my Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages. If you have any questions please reach out to me via email or on one of those pages!

Light Painting Packs
In this Drop there are 2,040 Light Painting Packs. Each of the Light Painting Packs hold one of 8 different “Illuminated Beings”. Each of the packs are $50.
Illuminated Beings Box Design

Each “Illuminated Being” is more rare than the next. The rarest “Illuminated Being” is an edition of 8, the next is an edition of 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024. The “Illuminated Beings” included in this drop are all below in the order of most to least rare.

If you collect any of the “Illuminated Beings” NFT’s you will be granted exclusive access to the behind the scenes “making of” video of the rarest Light Painting in this series “Illuminated Being #1″. This making of video is hosted on the Theta Network! Your “Illuminated Being” NFT is the key that unlocks the “making of” video! 

IF you are the owner of an “Illuminated Being” NFT please click here to securely link your account to view the making of video! 

In the Light Painting Packs there are 8, randomly placed, Light Painted Golden Tickets. The Light Painted Golden Tickets also have a corresponding “making of” video hosted by the Theta Video API, (viewable at the bottom of this page)! Each of the Light Painted Golden Tickets is redeemable for a one of a kind, signed and numbered physical print. The prints will be a 1/1, 24”x36” Metallic Paper Print of the “Illuminated Being” that the Light Painted Golden Ticket represents. Worldwide shipping of the print is included.


25,000 TFUEL Password Puzzle
On the back of the “Illuminated Beings” Prints will be part of a password that will unlock Theta Wallet 0x020056625fA5A920909f3d99462DD661A9f5669f You will need all 8 parts of the password to unlock the wallet! If you collect all 8 “Illuminated Beings” Physical Prints or work with the other “Illuminated Beings” print collectors, you will gain access to this wallet. The wallet will start off containing 25,000 TFUEL. On May 6th of every year deposits of 8% of the revenue Jason D. Page receives from secondary market sales of the “Illuminated Beings” will be deposited into this wallet in TFUEL. Once funds are taken from the wallet all deposits will stop. This is a social/art experiment related to the nature of my medium of LIGHT. I am very curious to see how this plays out. 🙂

Holders of randomly selected combinations of TWO “Illuminated Beings” will be able to claim  new “Illuminated Beings”. New Illuminated Beings will be received via “Challenges. “Illuminated Beings” must be held in your wallet and not listed for sale to qualify. For instance if you hold “Illuminated Being” numbers 4 and 6 in your wallet at the time of the Challenge you will be able to claim a new “Illuminated Beings” Light Painting. There will be 8 new “Illuminated Beings” released. We will be presenting a new Challenge at least every 88 days to collectors until the total collection of 16 Illuminated Beings are released. There will also be Light Painting Air Drops for collectors. Challenges and/or Airdrops will be announced on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Pages. 

As the premiere Light Painting Photography drop on Theta the “Illuminated Beings” will receive special attention as we build the grand vision for Light Painting on Theta. There will be additional (yet to be announced) benefits for holders of the “Illuminated Beings” in the future. All announcements of future utility will be announced on my social media pages in the community/communication section above.    

The long term success, integrity and value of my Light Painting Work is something that is extremely important to me. My pledge to you is that I will do everything that I can do to provide value to my collectors and increase the significance of my work over time.

Making of Light Painted Golden Tickets (SOUND ON)