Illuminated Beings

The illuminated Beings series was inspired by the traces of ourselves that we leave behind when we interact with an environment. The traces of light that we leave behind, the memories of what were were at a certain moment in time, the impacts that we make on the people and places we connect with. All our moments are fleeting, the magic of Light Painting captures my time in these places. Light Painting is proof of my existence at this place in this time forever recorded onto one single photographic frame. To create these images I trace my body with light while the shutter of the camera is left open, essentially creating an illuminated imprint of myself in that time and space. The body positions and the colors that I select are representational of how I was feeling in these moments. I find that nature, especially in the magic of the night time is peaceful and healing, sometimes I create these images when I am out Light Painting in addition to the reason I planned to be there and sometimes I create these Light Paintings when I am just being there, in the moment.  Many of these are created in my favorite location at night, Jonathan Dickenson State Park in South Florida. These images are illuminated stamps left on the world from where I have been.

If you would like to learn more about creating these images for yourself here is a tutorial I created!