Electric Universe

My attempts to create this image started about four years ago (2011). I have always been fascinated by storms and lightning in particular and I wanted to combine my Deep Space Light Painting series with a lightning storm to create an Electric Universe. I honestly thought it would be much easier than it was. I planned to shoot a whole series of these, but that series idea slowly became a quest to try and just get one image that I felt was right. The series/image was shot using a Canon AE1 on Kodak Ektar 100 35mm Film. I shot about 15 rolls of film in total until finally all of the elements came together to create the image you see below. Under the image is what I consider “Failed Attempts” while I find some of them beautiful as images they were not what I was trying to create so I keep going chasing these storms. As you will see in the “failed attempts”  when I am light painting Light Erases Darkness. If the lightning was too bright it would erase the space portion that I had Light Painted, also there are a few images where I felt the space part came out nice but the lightning didn’t cooperate, and there are a few images that were close but just not right. I am continuing to work on this series and hope to be able to add more images in the future.