Making of Illuminated Being #1 for NFT Holders!

Light Painting by Jason D. Page

Thank you for collecting one of my “Illuminated Beings” NFT’s on Theta Drop! Below is the detailed behind the scenes making of video of the rarest of the Light Paintings in this series “Illuminated Being #1”

This Light Painting was created in Hobe Sound, Florida at Jonathan Dickinson State Park on January 12th, 2022. As you view the making of video, what you are seeing the one attempt that came together how I had envisioned it! Like the NFT that unlocked this video, every Light Painting is Unique! There were many attempts to create this Light Painting that didn’t come out like this! The most difficult part of creating this image was lining everything up in one single exposure. Some images I thought the Illuminated Beings were good but the Theta Logo was off, others the Logo was in the right spot and lit well but the Illuminated Beings were not what I was after. When I saw this one pop up on the back of my camera I knew I got what I was looking for! I hope you enjoy this look at the making of “Illuminated Being #1”!