Purchase Light Painting NFTs by Jason D. Page

Thank you for your interest in collecting my work. The long term success, integrity and value of my Light Painting work is something that is extremely important to me. My pledge to my collectors is that I will do everything that I can do to provide value and increase the significance of my work over time. Please Visit LightPainting.ThetaDrop.com to purchase one of my Light Painting NFT’s to unlock extra content. 

My Light Painting NFT’s are on ThetaDrop. I chose to work with Theta over all other blockchains because I believe in the team, the technology and the community!  Theta’s team is second to none, they have established partnerships with industry leaders and they deliver what they say they are gonna do. I believe Theta’s technology will become the backbone of Web 3.0 and I encourage you to read their white paper to learn more. Theta is also one of the greenest blockchains around. Finally the Theta community reminds me very much of our Light Painting Community. The Theta community members are passionate, intelligent, innovative and they are simply a good group of humans that are helpful to one another. The Theta Community understands working together for the greater good and that is something that I love and I am very grateful to be a part of.

Illuminated Beings Box Design

Please visit to LightPainting.ThetaDrop.com to purchase one of my NFT’s to unlock extra content!